Seeking insight from a professional counselor is a wonderful way to incorporate a third-party into your private life. But without guidance from the universe, are you truly receiving the full picture?

Contact me ([email protected]) for a one-on-one session where I will use Tarot, Oracle and/or Chakra cards to offer advice and direction to a fuller life. Readings can be as simple or detailed as you like. My work taps into all five of your senses (i.e., Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell) to provide a truly holistic approach to your best life path.

Your life is a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Let me help you with the narrative.

You can catch me vending at the Chesnee, South Carolina Moonfest in April and September!


I have a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Life Science and Professional Communication. In addition, I have taken courses through Yale University and Udemy.com to compliment my education with well-being supplements.

I began my Tarot-reading journey at the age of 14 and have grown to utilize an intuitive concept. Over the years I have been called to counsel people in their day-to-day life, to do so I utilize the Tarot by tapping into the universe’s call for you.

What you can expect from our sessions is to assess your values and the vision you have for yourself, discover patterns of resistance in your life, how to work with patterns, explore habits and limiting beliefs that prevent you from bringing your vision to light, and identify what it is you want to shift.

How will we do all that? By cultivating trust, illuminating and nurturing who you truly are, creating practices, resources, tools, mindsets, and inspiration to support and empower you through each phase of growth and transformation, and celebrating as your inner work unfolds.

What is Tarot?

Tarot cards were created in 15th century’s Europe as a card game. Soon, the cards became an interpreter of players’ future. Mystics utilized the cards to begin interpreting potential paths for their querents. Just like those who read tea leaves, neither the tea nor the leaves were meant to be used as interpreters of the future, but rather, a conduit of the gifts of the reader.

For more about the beginnings of Tarot, please read Patti Wigington’s article on learnreligions.com.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are the energies within our bodies. No matter if you are human, feline, canine, fowl, fish or anything in between we all have these wheel-like energies running through the center of our body in a vertical row.

There are seven Chakras that start just below our spine and move up to the top of our head. Sometimes these energies can become blocked by childhood trauma, emotional stagnation, or illness. Think of Chakras like cogs in an automobile where each one must work without lag or overstimulation or else it throws off the other cogs, which caused issues within.

When the Chakras are aligned that means the body, mind, and spirit are healthy and working for the betterment of you. How do we keep our energy wheels moving at a healthy pace? Find out more by reading Web MD’s explanation of each of the seven Chakras.

What are Oracle Cards?

Simply put, Oracle cards are meant to provide overall recommendations to compliment your reading. I use many decks as a prescriptive method to incorporate all your senses:

Sight = I always follow up with a picture of your cards and other pertinent information for you to have based on your reading.

Sound = If needed, I will make recommendations on music or songs to listen to while you meditate.

Smell = Essential Oils will be recommended based on your card’s theme(s).

Touch = Crystals will be recommended based on your reading’s suggestions.

Taste = Herbs will be recommended based on card’s suggestions.

Why is this important to me? I was born with Synesthesia, and because my senses work as one I want you to have the full experience with all your senses, too.

Want to know about me and what I offer? Check out my F.A.Q.’s page.